Alexa Offers Week has begun on Amazon Special promotions for devices integrated with the brand’s smart assistantfamous Alexa.

In the product list you can find: Echo smart speakersFamous for popularizing Alexa, it’s a great companion for any room in the house answer questions, create reminders, control other smart devices and many other functions.

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You can also buy Fire TV Stick. The device that will turn a traditional TV into a smart TV and give access to the stream your TV can’t access (but without canceling the need for a subscription).

Also within the scope of the campaign It offers to make your home smart and connected with lamps, sockets, universal remotes and switches and more.

Check out some offers valid until April 14 or while stocks last:

Alexa Deals Week: best deals

Smart Speakers with Alexa

Hot TV Stick

Sockets, Switches, Lamps and other smart devices

  • Smart Positive Wi-Fi Lamp Smart Home Price R$ 38.90
  • Steck Smart Lamp for R$ 19.90
  • Ekaza Smart Bulb R$ 26.99
  • Tramontina Smart Lamp for R$ 39.90
  • Ekaza Overlay Smart LED Panel for R$ 84.99
  • Square covering Tramontina Plafon Smart? LED for R$ 74.90
  • Steck Smart Socket for R$ 39.90
  • 10A Elgin Smart Socket R$ 82.52
  • Ekaza Smart Socket R$ 49.99
  • Wall Socket with USB input + USB-C Type-C, 10A, 4×2 Ekaza R$ 117.99
  • 4×2” Touch Wi-Fi Smart Switch, Steck Price R$ 74.90
  • IFR 7000 Intelbras Smart Mortise Lock with Handle for R$ 1.599,00
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Digital Lock with Biometrics, Elsys, ESF-DE4000B R$ 899.90
  • Steck Universal Smart Infrared Control for R$ 59.90
  • Intelbras Izy Smart ICA 1001 Intelligent Automation Center for R$ 249.00
  • Ptz 360 Super HD (3MP) Indoor Security Camera, Steck Price R$ 149.90
  • Intelbras iM3 C Built-in Smart Camera for R$ 198.00
  • Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Positive Wi-Fi Smart Home R$ 699.90
  • Smart Speaker compatible with Alexa IZY Speak ISS 102 A Intelbras for R$ 399.00
  • Smart Wi-Fi Desk Lamp, EPGG20, Elsys R$ 237.00

Offers will be valid until April 14, but stocks are limited and some items may be sold out. Take advantage and check out other deals on the Amazon website.

Source: Tec Mundo

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