Google is working on a shortcut to call an unknown number on the Internet. The function available in the “Phone” app appears as one of the options in the call history, but is not publicly available. Information taken from the site PiunikaWeb.

Discovered by tipster AssembleDebug, the function called “Search” basically performs a quick search for unknown number on the internet; This is a common practice for finding the source of a call without having to answer it.

This feature helps the user understand whether the call is legitimate or coming from a known spammer or call scammer.

Although it is native to Pixel phones, Google’s “Phone” application must be downloaded manually on other brand devices. The program can be downloaded from Play Store.

AI Powered Email Summary

Another new feature that tipster AssembleDebug is anticipating is Gmail’s integration with Gemini, which can summarize the content of received emails. This function, which is not yet publicly available, takes the form of a button titled “Summarize this email” at the top of the page.

Currently, this feature doesn’t work as it should, but summarizing text content is one of the best-known capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

It’s unclear whether the feature will be free for everyone or require a Google One subscription to work. In any case, this button is an interesting shortcut that speeds up the use of the chatbot to shorten long messages.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only Gemini integration in Gmail. Recently, it was also discovered that the model will offer quick response suggestions based on the message received. Similarly, the function is not public.

Source: Tec Mundo

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