Tesla has reached a settlement with a friend of Apple engineer Wei Huang, who crashed a Tesla Model X in 2018.

Huang’s relatives filed a lawsuit against Tesla, accusing the company of incorrect operation of Autopilot, which, in their opinion, caused the accident. According to the US Transportation Safety Board, Autopilot was operating at the time of the accident, but driver inattention also played a role.

Tesla’s plans determined that the primary cause of the accident was inattention because Huang was playing a mobile game on the road. The automaker’s lawyers even wanted to subpoena Apple to confirm this.

The settlement was reached just before Tesla was due to tell its side of the story in court. Tesla was probably forced to demolish a large room in the Huang family, but exactly how much is unknown because the agreements were made confidentially.

Now all that remains is for the court to approve the settlement agreement. In addition, it should not be objected to by the Ministry of Transport, which is also a defendant in the case. [Bloomberg]

Source: Iphones RU

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