In the age of Artificial Intelligence, robots providing home services connected to a network are becoming increasingly common in the daily lives of Brazilians.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the proliferation and advancement of connectivity technologies such as 5G, as well as the change in the profile of consumers seeking greater practicality and the habit of integrating electronic solutions into their daily lives, help explain the growing growth of internet connectivity technologies. The success of devices such as the robot vacuum cleaner.

And to make the cleaning routine even easier and more affordable, KaBuM! It introduced many options to the market under its own brand. Come check it out!

KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner! smart 100

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Image: Tecmundo Recommends

IR 360° KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner! Smart 100 is a revolution in your home! You can activate your Robot Vacuum Cleaner from your smartphone with the KaBuM App! Smart or voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant.

BRL 705.76

Ideal for those who want to buy their first robot vacuum cleaner, Smart 100 is compatible with smart assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, and can also be controlled via the KaBuM application! Clever. The model guarantees approximately 90 minutes battery life It has a smart system where the device will automatically return to the base station when it needs to be charged.

smart 100 Can be used in dry cleaning or with a damp clothThanks to the presence of a water tank for this purpose. The model has four cleaning modes: zigzag, corner cleaning, local and random cleaning. HE It also has low noise emissions and High Efficiency filters. (HEPA) are fall and collision prevention systems that are ideal for the care of allergies in the environment.

KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner! smart 500

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Picture: KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner!  smart 500

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner! Smart 500 has 5 cleaning functions and can be adapted to different floor types, such as wooden, carpet and tiled floors.

R$ 1,058.71

Autonomy up to 100 minutes, low noise level and five cleaning modesThe Smart 500 model promises full movement, including zigzag, corner cleaning, general cleaning with more suction power, specific spot cleaning and damp cleaning.

The device features environment mapping technology and connectivity for activation via KaBuM! Smart and voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant. One of the differences is Anti-fall and anti-collision system; this also allows you to overcome obstacles up to 15 mm.

The device is equipped with High Efficiency Filters (HEPA), ideal for combating environmental allergens; such as dust mites, dust and moldCompatible with different floor typessuch as wood, carpet and tiled floors.

KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner! smart 700

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Picture: KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner!  smart 700

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner! Smart 700 has 5 cleaning functions: Zig Zag Cleaning, Corner Cleaning and High Efficiency Filters (HEPA)

R$ 1,666.56

The Smart 700 model offers up to 140 minutes of autonomy in addition to returning to the charging base when the level drops. The device is also It has the function of automatically continuing cleaning from where you left off.after installation.

Offering the opportunity to connect via its own application, Google Assistant and Alexa, the model guarantees complete and accurate mapping of environments. Among its differences, the device also guarantees a drop and collision protection system. Can overcome obstacles up to 1.5cm.

Smart 700 has 5 cleaning modes like previous models. The robot vacuum cleaner has a low noise level and can be used on different floor types, such as wooden, carpet and tile floors. Thanks to High Efficiency Filters (HEPA), it guarantees long-lasting and efficient cleaning.

KaBuM robot vacuum cleaner! smart 900

Picture: KaBuM Robot Vacuum Cleaner!  smart 900
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

KABUM Robot Vacuum Cleaner! In addition to being built with 4 anti-fall sensors, the Smart 900 features ToF 360° mapping technology with an anti-impact system that prevents collision with other objects.

One of KaBuM!’s top-tier products, the Smart 900 is a complete robot vacuum cleaner. four cleaning functions: sweep the room, sweep and mop the area, or sweep and mop at the same time. Cleaning modes are also programmable, like previous models.

The model, which has an autonomy time of up to 180 minutes, guarantees a return to base when the battery level drops and continues cleaning from where it left off after charging. One of the differences is the self-cleaning capacity carried out at its base. Ability to absorb up to 3 liters of dust.

In addition to fall and collision prevention systems, the device Can overcome obstacles up to 20 mm. Ideal for use on different floor types, this product can also be used on rugs and carpets thanks to its 4000Pa suction power.

It is compatible with the KaBuM app as well as High Efficiency Filters (HEPA) technology recommended for mold, dust and dust mite allergens! Smart and intelligent assistants with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Source: Tec Mundo

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