Google is offering services for the new platform version of the Chrome Enterprise Premium browser. On a corporate-oriented, customer-oriented basis when working on the Internet. However, since they were included in the list, companies are the furthest away from unauthorized or imprudent employee actions.

The new browser launches I-technologies – primarily for analyzing the dangers of fishing and traditional software. In this case, the implementation is limited to video – at first it blocks the transfer of sensitive information in generative intelligence platforms. Most companies are categorically against their data being provided to a neural network, regardless of the purpose of its use. New Chrome after activating traffic restrictions for the summer.

Chrome Enterprise Premium

Other useful Chrome Enterprise Premium products include enterprise and enterprise RDP, SCP and SSH protocols, content and dynamic filtering, and URL and site category filtering. Browser uses the following company security tools.

Chrome Enterprise Premium does not include an analytics module, which is limited to the Internet access of company employees’ browsers. This is where you manage content, such as providing zero-security access to cloud applications. Don’t use a quick audit and don’t make it heavier. Full transparency of the company’s work on the Internet. Cost of use – $6 per month.

Source: Tech Cult

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