Telegram spends $45 million a month, or $540 million a year, to use work, according to Forbes.

In 2020, with 400 million users watching, Telegram costs $220 million per year. In terms of one user, it turned out to be $0.55 per year.

In 2022, with an aggregate of events of 700 million people, the cost per user increased to $0.77. This is due to the activity in the messenger and the rise in price of network equipment.

The company plans to cover its costs with a Telegram Premium subscription. For this, it is enough that only 2.5% of users complete it. If the subscription buys 3%, then Telegram will have a profit and the ability to connect expensive features, such as Stories, a Telegram source said.

To the point: Tried Telegram Premium. Pros and cons of a subscription

If 2.5% of TV ads subscribe, then Telegram will earn about $70 million per month. But after reviewing all taxes and councils, including fees on the App Store and Google Play, the company will provide $45 million. [Forbes]

Source: Iphones RU

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