Signify, owner of Philips Hue, has announced a new range of products that will go on sale this summer. It concerns different types of lamps for tabletop or ceiling. A new smart key is also coming.

Philips Hue’s new product launches include two firsts: the first customizable track lighting with its own range of lamps, and the first portable, rechargeable lamp for indoor and outdoor use.

We start with the ceiling lamps Philips Hue Perifo. This system consists of individual rail elements that fit together to form an adaptable rail. You choose the layout and length of the rail and which lamps you want to use. You attach the rails to the wall or ceiling and connect the lamps to a standard outlet or existing wires using the supplied power supply.

Then you decide how to hang them. Optionally, you can combine spotlights, pendant lights, light bars and light tubes on a single Perifo track.

portable lamp

With the portable Philips Hue Go table lamp, you can now bring smart lighting from the living room to the patio table. The portable table lamp has a silicone handle so you can easily take it anywhere you need the light. The portable Hue Go desk lamp has up to 48 hours of battery life and can be charged with the included charging station. Whether you’re reading in bed or dining on the porch, the switch on the lamp lets you switch between preset light scenes to create the right atmosphere.

Then we come to the black bathroom series of Philips Hue Xamento. The black recessed spot offers up to 350 lumens of dimmable smart light in millions of colors and is available per piece or as a 3-pack. Thanks to its unique design, the black Xamento ceiling lamp fills the room with subtle, diffused light.

While the lamp can fill your bathroom with 2350 lumens in millions of colours, it can be dimmed to create a cozy atmosphere. The Xamento bathroom range has been specially designed to be easy to install and use in damp areas.

More from Philips Hue

The Philips Hue app also gives users an extra option: sunrise awakening-style. With a colorful transition from blue to soft orange light, the new style imitates the rising sun in the morning. You can find the style in the Philips Hue app under the tab. awakening Bee automations For Hue Bridge users and tab routines for bluetooth users.

You can customize the awakening style in terms of duration and time of day. Users of the current awakening style – current Transition to Cleanliness warm – can adjust awakening experiences to: sunrise to select on the edit screen.

Finally, Philips Hue presents the Philips Hue Tap flip switch, a new smart accessory with which you can control your smart lamps at home. It has four buttons, and each button can be set to control smart lighting for up to three separate rooms or zones in the home. Tap a button to instantly select or adjust a light scene.

The tap flip switch also has a dimming control: the faster or slower you turn the knob, the faster or slower your smart lighting will dim or brighten. You can use the key as a remote control or even attach it magnetically to metal surfaces.

price and availability

Lamps and accessories will be available starting this summer at the following prices.

  • Philips Hue Perifo rail lighting system (end of summer 2022): from 49.99 – 599.99 euros
  • Philips Hue Go portable table lamp (end of summer 2022): 149.99 euros
  • Philips Hue Signe gradient table lamp oak: 239.99 euros
  • Philips Hue Signe gradient floor lamp oak: 349.99 euros
  • Philips Hue Xamento flush blackhead: 79.99 1-pack / 3-pack 219.99 Euro
  • Philips Hue Xamento ceiling lamp black: 219.99 euros
  • Philips Hue Tap flip switch black or white: 49.99 euros

Source: Computer Totaal

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