The company announced last Thursday that Opera for Windows is now 100% compatible with ARM processors (16). The support allows the browser to run more smoothly and efficiently on computers equipped with CPUs with the architecture.

A. The new is a preparation for appearing on stage for the first time. Snapdragon From: Snapdragon X Plus, two of Qualcomm’s ARM processors for computers. ARM architecture is designed to perform tasks more energy efficiently.

However, with the advancement of technology, the platform has improved significantly in performance and now offers performance equivalent to (or even superior to) x86 processors.

It is worth noting that, given the structural differences of the component, programs must be adapted to it. This preparation allows you to extract maximum performance from the CPU and at the same time enjoy energy saving benefits.

“ARM architecture is like a modern, simplified and efficient factory where robots work perfectly to produce high-quality products, but with minimal waste,” Opera said in its statement.

“By contrast, the x86 architecture resembles an old factory, relying on a complex network of conveyor belts and manual labor, resulting in a slower and less energy-efficient production process,” he added.

Available for testing

Right now, Opera available for ARM testers. The program can be downloaded for free in the Developer version.

However, it is obvious that a computer with an ARM processor is needed to test the vehicle. For now, the Snapdragon X Elite is not yet available in the market, but laptops with older ARM processors are already available.

Source: Tec Mundo

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