We are more and more accustomed to typing on the keyboard. iPhone, so error making is reduced. correct is correct keyboard It can be very helpful, but sometimes it creates more trouble because it changes things that shouldn’t be. we tell you how deactivate This tool is just in case you need it.

Currently, there is a possibility to install additional keyboards on iPhones so that you can have Google’s (Gboard) keyboard. For this reason, we will show you both the steps you need to take to remove Apple’s own iOS operating system from the environment and the development of the Mountain View company. simplicity is the dominant note and in addition to that, everything you do is reversible so you can activate the right one as soon as you decide.

What you need to do to disable the fixer on iPhone

The most common is that you don’t have any additional keyboards because the keyboard included in iOS is good enough that you don’t need to resort to a third-party keyboard. These steps Giving this does not compromise the stability of the operating system or the terminal itself. These are as follows:

  • Access the phone settings as normal and then access the General section.
  • What you need to find there is the Keyboards section and enter it. Now search for All keyboards and when you get to this place you should find Autocorrect in the bottom area.
  • To stop using the fixer, disable the slider by clicking on it.
  • It’s over, you’re done.
I use iPhone screen to type


Disable the fixer in Gboard for iOS

You don’t need to modify the aforementioned process much, but it’s best to follow these instructions so that the function we’re talking about is no longer annoying in a few seconds:

  • Open your own app that you installed as usual
  • Unlike what is in the version of the Google keyboard for Android, the option to disable the right one is directly in the configuration screen that opens.
  • It is a slider that you need to disable for the tool to stop working. To do this, simply click on it.
  • You’re done and anything you type on your iPhone will never be fixed again.

As you can see, everything is very simple and risk-free. You can do it too activate the fixer at any time By following the same steps, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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