The Russian government submitted a bill on the new payment of family tax to the State Duma. It will be available to working parents raising two or more children.

A bill on 7% tax refund for families with children was submitted to the State Duma

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The payment is proposed to be introduced as part of the improvement of the tax system of the Russian Federation. The new rules, if supported by parliamentarians, will come into force on January 1, 2026. A document about this appeared in the Duma’s electronic database.

The compensation will be intended for citizens of the Russian Federation who permanently reside in Russia and on whose income income tax has been paid. It will be charged if the average per capita family income does not exceed 1.5 times the per capita subsistence minimum established in the region of the place of residence. They will pay 7% of the 13% of the personal income tax paid.

Citizens who are entitled to this deduction may submit a request for its transfer from May 1 to October 1 of the year following the year in which the personal income tax was paid. If the law is approved, citizens will be able to request the deduction based on the 2025 results from May 1 to October 1, 2026.

Other rules and conditions related to the procedure for calculating per capita family income and other aspects are given in the document. State Duma deputies will study it in detail in the near future.

Previously we wrote that the Ministry of Finance named the number of personal income tax payers with the highest incomes. At the end of 2023, 167,000 Russians earned more than 10 million rubles.


Nikolai Tikhonov

Source: RB

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