Researchers from King’s College London and Gadjah Mada University have further explored why FFA (frontal fibrosing alopecia) may occur. The results of this study were published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

Building on their previous research, the authors of the new study identified mutations in the genes; their presence increases the likelihood of developing frontal fibrous alopecia in women. One of these genes is CYP1B1. This enzyme is responsible for the metabolism of hormones.

The new study was based on information collected in the UK from July 2015 to September 2017. The study included 489 women with alopecia and a control group of 34,254 women without alopecia.

It turns out that women with a certain version of the CYP1B1 gene are more likely to suffer from frontal fibrosing alopecia while taking oral contraceptives.

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Source: Ferra

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