How quickly the days fly by! It seems like only recently we were talking about games in which you can adapt during the January holidays of 2024, and it’s already June outside the window. During this time, many wonderful projects have been implemented, some of which we have already talked about in the format of reviews and selections.

Today I want to introduce you to 6 fresh games for PC and consoles that will captivate you for a long time and bring a lot of pleasure with their plot.

1. Hades 2

After 5 years of waiting, the sequel to one of the best action games of 2019 has been released into Steam Early Access. Hades II is a direct continuation of the first part of the game. Events take place several years after the end of the original game.

The main character is Melinoe, an immortal princess of the Underworld who wields black magic. One sister of Zagreus, who was the main character of the first part of the game. Players will have to fight the titan Kronos, who escaped from captivity and challenged the Olympian gods. This is one of the key changes in the sequel: we now have a real antagonist and a well-developed conflict.


In the sequel, the combat system works a little differently. Melinoe, unlike her brother, is not a warrior. A witch, she therefore relies less on brute force and uses magic more. There are also new resources for leveling up the heroine and items to improve her during races.

Hades II continues Supergiant Games’ tradition of featuring a captivating visual style paired with beautiful music, deep and moving storytelling, charismatic and lively characters, and incredibly addictive gameplay. It’s definitely worth a try.

👉 Buy on Steam: 1100 rubles

2. Ghost of Tsushima

Some of you may say: “This is not a new game, it has been out for a long time!” And you’ll be right. However, it arrived on PC in 2024, so let’s remember who Ghost of Tsushima is. Fun fact: samurai action with elements of the aesthetics of Akira Kuros films is not produced in Japan. It was developed by the Sucker Punch studio, which previously released the Infamous series of games.

The game takes place sequentially in 1274, when the Mongol army invades the island of Tsushima. The goal of the invaders is to use the island as a springboard for the conquest of the entire country. The main character of the game is a samurai named Jin Sakai. He fights alone against overwhelming Mongol forces, relying on ancient samurai traditions and unusual fighting methods.


Ghost of Tsushima is worth checking out first for its combat system and the game’s atmosphere. The fights in it are the most beautiful, spectacular and quite brutal.
The combat mechanics in Ghost of Tsushima are somewhat reminiscent of the Batman: Arkham series, but at the same time have their own unique features. For example, there is a stance system for different types of enemies. In addition, the game pays great attention to detail. For example, there is a separate button for swinging a sword to shield it from blood, and for worshiping a defeated enemy.

And, of course, the visual aspect of the game. It looked amazing even on the PlayStation 4, and even more so on a powerful PC where you can turn off the unlimited frame rate. It also works great on Steam Deck. If after the Assassin’s Creed trailers with black samurai If you wanted true Japanese aesthetics and a compelling story, Ghost of Tsushima is your choice.

👉 Buy Ghost of Tsushima: 3928 rubles

3. Rising V

I’ve been writing about games throughout 2024, but I’ve never tried one of the most popular releases on Steam. I’m correcting this oversight and talking about V Rising – a game that combines elements of a survival simulator and action in a vampire setting. In this game you have to not only protect yourself from blood-sucking creatures, but also become one of them yourself.

In the V Rising Power universe, the leader of the vampires. However, people were tired only of the cruelty of food and uprisings. As a result of a bloody battle, the people won a victory over their oppressors. Ours is a hero, one of the elderly vampires who managed to prevent a human uprising.


First we need to build housing, preferably a castle. In it we can store resources in chests, create weapons on workbenches, process resources using an object, and much more. Resources, of course, you need to go and get, at first you will do this yourself, but as you progress, it becomes possible to enslave people and relieve them of monotonous work. People, by the way, do not have to be alive for this.

Do not forget that you are a vampire, and sunlight is mortal for you. Therefore, it is better not to leave the castle during the day while managing companies. At night, you can blame the forays for brutality and the consequences. It is also important to shed blood, and the better it is, the more advantages you will receive. For example, if you eat a healthy person or a rare animal, your regeneration and damage will increase.

You live and communicate with enemies, you will not be alone. The game has elements of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). There are even PVP servers where vampire clans (other players) impersonate each other. The combat system is reminiscent of Dark Souls and Diablo: you need to be able to turn and use timing. Bosses are complex and well-behaved. For now, this game is only available on PC, but it will be coming to PlayStation 5 soon.

👉 Buy on Steam: 1200 rubles

4. Tekken 8

In 2024, there was a triumphant return of fans of the fighting game genre. Bandai Namco and the personal father of the series, Katsuhiro Harada, have lovingly presented us with a project that we will enjoy playing at least until the next console generation.

Tekken 8 can easily be called the choice of the development series. The graphics and cutscene direction are of incredible quality, the combat system is well-thought out and interesting to learn, and most importantly, all the minor shortcomings of the previous games in the series have been corrected.


First of all, the presentation of the plot has changed. Single-player mode features four movies that periodically interrupt one-on-one video apps. Yes, to understand local history, it is good to know what happened in previous series of games. You don’t have to play, Tekken 8 has a recap that neatly brings you up to speed.

With the combat system you will be introduced to the arcade quest mode. You create your own avatar and play against other fighting game fans in different rooms. This mode works in the arcade clubs of the Republic and as a basic training. Beginners should definitely check this place out.

Also, single mini-arcade stairs for each character have not gone away. And there are as many as 32 of them, by the way. Almost a record for the series. In general, even without a network, you can play sticky games, both alone and with friends. Skip Tekken 8 is a true standard. Not a single modern fighting game gives the same storm of emotions to both newcomers and veterans of the series.

👉 Buy on Steam: 4199 rubles

5. Shrouded

And a few more high-profile releases on PC on Steam. Shrouded from the outside five days after the resounding success of Palworld, it suddenly became a success too. The project gained its first million players just 4 days after its release.

Enshrouded is a third-person survival game with RPG elements and an open world setting. All the main elements of the genre are in place. You need to build facilities, fill its inhabitants, extract resources and, of course, not be hungry. It is also necessary to think about the world around us. And it will be quite difficult at first.


The events of the game take place in the fantasy kingdom of Ambervale, which is located on the border of the country. Due to the anxiety, the kingdom was overrun by a monster, and part of its territory was covered with thick fog. The player will have to become the savior of the world and fight monsters, as well as lift the ominous fog over Ambervale.

The gameplay in Enshrouded follows the classic principles of the genre: players need to mine resources, build their bases and explore the world in search of powerful armor and weapons. The system development in the game is quite extensive. In addition to creating a “base” with crafting tools, players can build houses, fill their furniture, and invite new residents to their settlement, some of whom will provide additional tasks.

You can play either independently or in co-op. Up to 16 people can take part in one session. The combat system and skills are designed for cooperative advancement. Together, friends exchange opinions with monsters much more effectively and interestingly thanks to a system of complementary skills. But it won’t be boring alone.

👉 Buy on Steam: 1399 rubles

6. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

6 most atmospheric games of 2024 for PC and PlayStation.  I want to go through each one just for the sake of the plot.

And finally, we are perhaps the cutest and most beautiful project of this generation of game consoles. You can say: “Dmitry Dmitrievich! But this is a 2021 project, which is even on PC!” And I’ll be right again. However, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Xbox in 2024 and is worth downloading for every fan of this platform and quality games.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is reminiscent of Pixar’s 3D cartoons. Developers at Ember Labs have previously created CGI trailers for various companies, including a fan short film for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I recommend watching it! Kena: Bridge of Spirits is, first of all, a tribute to the games of The Legend of Zelda and Overlord series.


However, behind the beautiful facade of the cartoon there is… well, in general, a rather dramatic story. Kena, under our control, is the guide of the soul of the dead and is responsible for their safe journey to the local analogue of the afterlife. Not all the deceased can calm down, and in this case they become evil spirits that pollute the world with evil.

The gameplay in Ken: Bridge of Spirits is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Not only puzzles and exploration of locations await you, but also connections with bosses. The bosses in this game present a serious challenge even for experienced Dark Souls players. They are complex, require individual connection and are unforgiving. If you are looking for a beautiful adventure in a fascinating setting with a fascinating and slightly sad story, then Kena: Bridge of Spirits is what you need. This is truly a unique project.

👉 Buy on Steam: 1709 rubles

Excellent new products, you can play

I am sure that at least several of the presented projects will hook you and give you many pleasant moments thanks to their stories and game mechanics.

Well, as always, I’m waiting for everyone in the comments: share your impressions and add to the list. Have a good day!

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