The most useful thing, it always helps out when the home or office router does not reach an important place.

Expand your Wi-Fi coverage with this small device that just plugs in and quickly sets up.

▶︎ Buy: 1 110 960 rub.


In terms of simplicity and convenience, there is no alternative to these wireless power network range extenders. Alternatives are often much more expensive, very difficult to set up, and do not work as effectively.

To expand your Wi-Fi range using this thing, you need to plug it into a socket somewhere in the middle of the road, turn on setup mode through the Mi Home app, connect to your Wi-Fi network, choose to create an additional new network or simply expand . attention. That’s all, actually.

If Wi-Fi does not reach the desired location, this technique works great in an apartment, in an office, and even in a private house or in its backyard. Repeatedly tested from personal experience.

I recommend taking this PRO model with antennas. There is a simpler option, a little cheaper, but it loses a lot in performance, so in this case there is no point in saving.

▶︎ Buy: 1 110 960 rub.

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