At Battery Show Europe 2024, Eatron Technologies and Syntiant presented their work – an intelligence-based battery management system. The video shows the Syntiant NDP120 neuroprocessor. The developers recommend that the use of this system extends the battery capacity by 25%, plus the cost of 10%.

The idea is how to analyze the state of the battery from the inside, which is inaccessible to the existing mother. The more data the AI ​​has about the state of charge and other battery conditions, the easier and more accurate the results will be. However, the system is in no way efficient due to losses and load on the device.

The authors specially created a form of microcircuits, for example, with almost all existing power supplies. This universal module is for upgrading the energy sector of jets, portable devices, electric vehicles, etc. Syntiant ndp120 is not titioral due to identification marks

There is an obvious commercial benefit in the development – for example, it will be possible to replace the battery in an electric car after 1250 recharge cycles, and now – 1000. As important as this is, it is necessary to promote critical situations, assess the risk of its failure and achieve this. in advance.

Source: Tech Cult

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