Microsoft has finally released text extraction tool to everyone from photos synced between PC and mobile phone. The new feature is included in build 1.24052.124.0 of the “Connect to Mobile” app and works with any images captured from the device.

A. scanning uses optical character recognition (OCR) To identify the text of the file, whether it is a photo or a print. In this way, you can copy the content and paste it wherever you want on your computer.

The character recognition function scans the text contained in the image.

This feature is very similar to the character recognition features that have long been available natively on Android. In the Google ecosystem, this feature is found, for example, in Google Lens, which is closely integrated with Google Photos.

Thanks to this new feature, Microsoft is not reinventing the wheel but making the process of copying text content from the output to the PC much faster and more intuitive. A. function simplifies the application of copying identity data, article citations and other textual content.

When dropped on your device, the function takes the form of a shortcut in the toolbar of the image synchronized with the PC, inside Cellular Link. The button is called “Text” and when clicked on it, it highlights all the content defined in the file, allowing you to select it with the mouse.

According to the Windows Late website, which first reported the news, the feature does not work well in languages ​​other than English. It is possible that Microsoft will fix this issue in future updates.

If the feature hasn’t appeared on your computer yet, it’s worth checking to see if the app has been updated to the latest version on the Microsoft Store.

Source: Tec Mundo

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