The government submitted to the State Duma a draft amendment to the bill on improving the tax system, taking into account the discussion of the document with parliament and businesses, the Ministry of Finance reports. The amendments were divided into 13 blocks.

The government submitted amendments to the draft law on amending the tax system to the State Duma
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1. Offered expand preferences for the IT and radioelectronics industries:

  • reduce the income tax rate to 5% for IT organizations by 2030;
  • adding the possibility for IT companies to apply benefits during reorganization in the form of a spin-off;
  • to expand the list of radio-electronic industry revenues that are taken into account for the application of reduced insurance premium rates.

2. Add the possibility to apply to the costs of the rights to use Russian software with an increased coefficient of 2. This will lead to a reduction in the amount of corporate profit tax.

3. Provide tax incentives for small tech businesses:

  • for regions: the right to introduce reduced rates of income tax credited to the regional budget in 2025-2030;
  • remove restrictions on the types of R&D to which an increasing expenditure coefficient applies.

4. Clarify the wording of the draft law according to which taxpayers of the simplified tax system with income of up to 60 million rubles are exempt from VAT, even during the sale of excisable products (as is the case now).

5. It is proposed to exempt taxpayers of the simplified tax system with income of up to 60 million from the obligation to pay VAT without submitting an additional notification to the tax office. Taxpayers are now automatically exempt from VAT.

6. It is proposed to convert the “tourist tax” into a “tourist fee”:

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  • local tax, the municipalities themselves will determine the need for its introduction and its rates;
  • the tax rate will increase gradually, starting from 1% of the cost of living in 2025 and adding 1 percentage point per year until 2029 (from 2029, no more than 5%);
  • The tax will be credited to the budget at the location of the hotels: in this way, municipalities will have an additional source of financing;
  • The tax will not be calculated on the cost of accommodation services for certain categories of citizens, including SVO participants.

7. Improve the procedure for paying the excise tax on the pharmaceutical substance alcohol and add new measures aimed at preventing increases in drug prices.

8. Also offered indexing the excise tax rates on excisable goods to the projected inflation rate of 4%.

9. Determine the size of the coefficient to calculate the tax deduction when grapes are used for the production of wine products.

10. There’s also Clarifications on personal income tax (NDFL):

  • It is proposed to align the tax conditions for transactions with digital financial assets with those for transactions with securities: setting personal income tax rates of no more than 15%;
  • increase the tax deduction for passing GTO standards to 18 thousand rubles;
  • to establish a single fixed rate of personal income tax for owners of five or more CFCs in the amount of 25 million rubles.

11. Adjust based on the results of an additional analysis of rental taxes MET parameters for coal and mineral mining, used in the production of mineral fertilizers, as well as clarifying the parameters of the excise tax on gas applied in the production of ammonia.

12. Increase the tax on betting house processing centers threefold.

13. Modify the payment of state fees:

  • establish state duties and clarify the current amounts for legally significant actions performed by Rosreestr;
  • indexing the amount of state duty for legally significant actions related to certification, as well as those carried out by antitrust authorities.

On June 20, the State Duma adopted in the first reading the amendments introduced by the government to the Tax Code, which provide for the transition to a progressive scale of personal income tax.

RB.RU previously explained what will change for entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens thanks to the introduction of a five-tier tax scale.

For small businesses, changes to the tax code could lead to vendors leaving markets, higher rents, changes in the way manufacturing companies operate, and even inflation, experts have previously predicted.


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