Yandex.Market began to provide new services in trial mode at collection points (POI) in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tula: the company launched sales of electronic products and delivery of thermal bags to couriers.

Yandex.Market began selling the company’s “smart” electronic products at collection points

The Market's press service clarified that entrepreneurs who develop the collection point together with the platform will be able to earn extra money from this functionality. At the same time, it was difficult for the company to forecast how much the company could increase its revenue.

The service has set up stalls with Yandex products at various collection points in Moscow, including Yandex. Stations, smart plugs and lamps, souvenirs: buyers, thermocups and more.

Also, Market started issuing thermal bags to some courier partners of Yandex.Food and accepted them again in trial mode.

The “Market” network of points of issuance of orders has nearly 8 thousand points in different regions of the country. The service provides collection point owners with a one-time payment for opening a new point, as well as branding materials and marketing support.


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Source: RB

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