Ozon has initiated the registration of the trademark “Ozon Insurance”. Rospatent received the corresponding application on July 9, as follows from the department’s materials. Vadim Dunaev, creative director of the Title Office, informed RB.RU about the filing of the application.

Ozon started the registration of the Ozon Insurance brand
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The Marketplace plans to register the name in 7 ICLG classes, including 35 (business intermediation services, data processing services) and 36 (consultations on insurance matters, financial evaluations (insurance, banking, real estate)).

RB.RU did not comment on the details of the upcoming launch or whether Ozon will receive its own insurance license. A market representative said only that details would be announced later.

In March, Ozon announced the launch of a new insurtech business line within the Ozon Fintech financial vertical. The company then announced that it plans to “develop a broad set of insurance services for buyers and entrepreneurs across all areas of Ozon’s business.”

In addition, in the spring, the online platform announced the name of the new direction – “Ozon Insurance” – and announced that with its help the marketplace hopes to increase revenues and also attract new customers. The new block was headed by Denis Gavrilov, who previously headed the insurance companies Rosbank Insurance and BestInsure, and was responsible for insurance at BestDoctor.

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