Rio de Janeiro Military Police and food delivery service iFood will announce a partnership soon to curb a wave of crime by bandits disguised as courier. According to the Rio de Janeiro newspaper ExtraA meeting would be scheduled next week to outline strategies to combat such attacks, which are also occurring in other cities.

The publication says that one of the actions could be installation on delivery bikes. some security devices As done by Uber. On Wednesday 29, the integration between the platform app and 190 services of the Prime Minister of Rio de Janeiro was confirmed after 40 days of testing at Baixada Fluminense.

The innovation, which will be implemented in the capital until July 15, consists of a warning button in the application that can be activated by both the driver and the passenger in case of emergency. When it comes to iFood on the restaurant association’s website, Abrasel president Paulo Solmucci says “it will be important for the bags to have some sort of identification, such as a number linked to a driver’s license.”

How are robberies committed by fake iFood couriers?

A wave of robberies using motorcycles, described as iFood distribution, also occurred in São Paulo. During the actions robbers wear vests and carry thermal bags with company logo. The approach is usually unsuspecting, as victims assume there is a motoboy in the delivery service.

The images of these robbers, who are usually armed and double, were reflected on the security cameras and shared on social media. Often victims are walking on the pavement when fake motoboys approach them. As one approaches, the other collects items.

Source: Tec Mundo

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