New lighter, safer and fast-charging batteries developed by Japan’s automaker Nissan in partnership with NASA (United States space agency) promise to “change the game” in charging. electric cars In the world. The bet is based on a computational approach to developing technology that doesn’t rely on rare or expensive metals, according to a report. GIS Released Friday (8).

“Stable enough to be used in a pacemaker,” according to Nissan. solid state battery will replace existing energy accumulators lithium ions By 2028, according to the Japanese giant.

When they start production at the Yokohama company’s promised pilot plant for 2024, the revolutionary batteries will be half the size of existing batteries and It will provide a full charge in 15 minutesinstead of hours spent today.

Nissan x NASA partnership

At a press conference Friday, Nissan corporate vice president Kazuhiro Doi told the media that collaboration with the US aerospace company and the University of California at San Diego includes testing a variety of materials.

According to Nissan, the two partner companies will create an “original materials computing platform” that is nothing more than a large computerized database that will allow hundreds of thousands of materials to be mixed in order to know their potential properties.

Working with the idea of ​​eliminating rare or expensive metals such as cobalt and nickel, the new batteries would have a potentially cleaner and more ethical supply chain as well as a price cut.

Source: Tec Mundo

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