In another part of the bizarre series of events that unfolded as a result of YouTube’s blind trust in its robots, a horror video that was explicitly aimed at adults was rated “for kids” on the platform. Worse still, YouTube does not allow the video creator to change this setting.

The lawsuit took place on Kris Straub’s Local58TV channel. He was the one who reported the situation on his Twitter account, where he explains in the description of the video that it is not intended for children and marked +18 in the upload settings. YouTube ignored all this and declared the video “for kids”.

The platform robot seems to be confused by the title of the video: “Show for Kids”, which can be translated as “Show for Kids”. The video also showcases a seemingly innocent “cute” cartoon being worked on in this aesthetic without understanding the context and disturbing elements.

This interpretation is particularly problematic because when YouTube considers a video child-friendly, it begins to appear on the YouTube Kids platform and is recommended to young users.

Straub was prevented from changing the setting and had to file a written “appeal” with the YouTube team to change the description of the video. At the time of writing this post the issue appears to have been reversed and the video is no longer listed as “for kids”.

Source: Tec Mundo

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