For his master’s degree, designer Hyunsik Moon from the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences in Germany developed a vehicle concept with an integral scale of expandable dimensions. The device called “Zodiac Stargazer” is unlikely to be built in reality, but it serves as an excellent illustration of the new horizons of human desire to comprehend the cosmos. After all, what could be more interesting than renting a mobile telescope and going to the mountains to have fun online?

According to the design of the Zodiac Stargazer, people sit directly in the telescope bowl. Because of the sophistication of the astronomical warbling of the place to o about the pranas of control, we found it, so this is bto be. The capsule with the telescope and passengers is placed on a movable mechanism and can operate 90

Zodiac Stargazer

Assumes that upon arrival, the sensitivity is adjusted and you can look everywhere zzo This extends the lens and automatically adjusts the resolution Correct

Zodiac Stargazer

Source: Tech Cult

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