A high-profile lawsuit has been finalized regarding the well-known aliexpress marketplace and CD Land, which is the copyright holder of the “waiting” teddy and everything related to it.

The case began in 2021, when the company “CD Land Contact” discovered several stores that sold the stuffed animal “waiting” in the open spaces of the aliexpress store. And here the point is not only that the sales were made by Chinese or Russian sellers.

The case lasted for a year and three lower instances. And only the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation put an end to this case, not in favor of CD Land and by refusing to recover 5.2 million rubles from the site.

The first appearance of the “waiting” toy was recorded at the end of 2020, and already in 2021, the company sent a claim to the Russian representatives of aliexpress demanding that the sale of the soft toy be stopped. But the representatives did not respond to the claim, and the toy was not withdrawn from sale. Therefore, the copyright holder went to court to recover the money from the seller.

After receiving the claim to the Moscow Arbitration Court, it turned out that the submitted claim was not true and that the company Alibaba.com (ru) is not the direct owner of the aliexpress marketplace, but manages only a part of the stores in Tmall. And the “waiters” in these stores have never been sold.

Therefore, during the trial, Aliexpress Russia Holding, officially registered in Singapore, was chosen as the new defendant. Aliexpress Russia Holding is a large holding company of Chinese and Russian companies that provides sellers with the opportunity to place their products and services on the online trading platform. At the same time, the company simply does not have the opportunity to independently track and verify the copyright of various products, since almost 230 thousand sellers from China and more than 45 thousand from Russia are registered on the site. And the merchandise placed has already exceeded 140 million units.

During the hearing, the defendant blocked the counterfeit products from the site using the links provided by CD Land.

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Source: IXBT

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