whatsapp released version beta long-awaited universal application for Mac. The application that completely different both in content and in form and this, moreover, suggests that the launch of the long-awaited version of WhatsApp for iPad is just around the corner.

This new version of WhatsApp for Mac is based on Catalyst, a technology that Apple introduced in 2018 that allows developers to create Mac apps based on your iPad apps. Thanks to this, the development process is greatly simplified, since almost all application code is common to both platforms.

The launch of this new Mac beta suggests, as I said earlier, that an iPad version that will share most of the code thanks to Catalyst shouldn’t be too far off. The company has been testing a multi-device system for some time that will be the key to running WhatsApp on iPad, so the pieces seem more consistent than ever.

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What has changed in the new version of WhatsApp for Mac?

So far, the Mac version of WhatsApp has been based on Electron. framework that it actually turns the web version of WhatsApp into a desktop app. East frameworkdespite a significant simplification of development for companies that use it, does not offer the same results in terms of performance or experience than an application originally programmed for the platform in question.

So launching the Catalyst-based version of WhatsApp for Mac should bring benefits in this regard, apart from simplify the introduction of new features in the future – because the development will be common for both iPad and Mac–.

On the other hand, the user interface it looks more like an iPhone than the current version of WhatsApp for Macwhat can be seen in the images posted WABetaInformation. Therefore, applications across all three Apple platforms will have more in common than ever.

To download this beta You need to subscribe to the WhatsApp beta channel for Mac via TestFlight. However, slots are limited, so you may have to wait to access it. Also, since this is a development version, it is likely that some parts of the application will not work properly.

The use of Catalyst to simplify application development on Apple platforms is not new. Many of the apps that the company is integrating into macOS have been developed using this technology, such as Apple TV, Stock Market, etc.–. Similarly, third-party apps like Twitter have been based on this technology for years.

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