HE Instagram testing a new tool called live producer. Allows you to broadcast live from the streaming software on the computer.

Instagram Live Producer works as a “router” for other streaming tools such as: OBS, Streamyard and StreamLabs. It will allow you to use extra features including additional cameras, external microphones and other graphical features.

How to use Instagram Live Producer?

The entire process of creating a live stream takes place via Live Producer on the table. First, open the streaming software you will be using and find where to enter your streaming URL and key. then you need to open desktop version of Instagram, Click the “Add Post” button and select “Live” from the menu.

After naming your stream and configuring who can watch it, you will see a screen with the unique URL and stream key. In the streaming software, paste the URL and enter in the specified places to add Instagram Live as below. three points. The tool’s official page explains that Instagram Live will need to be added as “Custom RTMP”.

Once you have everything set up, start streaming in the streaming software, then click “Go Live” in Live Producer to start streaming. What should appear is a “mirror” of what you have mounted in OBS or StreamLabs.

Here are some details reported by Instagram:

  • If you end your broadcast in the streaming software before Live Producer ends the broadcast, the live video continues to display the last frame received.
  • Comments can only be viewed and replied to in Live Producer.
  • other resources such as Live RoomsShopping, moderation, and Q&A are not currently supported by the tool.

The new vehicle is still in the testing phase and has not yet been fully released. There is no release date for Live Producer to reach all users.

Source: Tec Mundo

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