The developers of the game PUBG: Battlegrounds have published a short video announcing the new update 18.2 and what it will include. The full list of updates can be found on the official website.

Of the main thing it is necessary to highlight the following:

– with the update, a new map called Deston will be added, on this map the developers have placed a large city with skyscrapers, there are reservoirs and platinum, as well as a swamp and windmills. There is also an arena and a large concert hall and many other interesting things on the map.

– New mechanics will be added to the game, in particular, jumars with which the player can scale a high-rise building, and a reusable parachute will also be added.

– Items will be added to the game, such as communication towers, which can be climbed using only the new mechanics mentioned above.

– the developers also added special locations that the player can reach exclusively using drones

– to the new mechanics, the developers have added the so-called key cards and special doors, through which you can only pass with a special key card.

– Another novelty in the mechanics of the game will be the possibility of blowing up gas stations or the possibility of using them for the intended purpose to refuel vehicles.

– A new shotgun will appear in the game, which has a high rate of fire, as well as an impressive aiming range. The shotgun will be called O12.

– In addition, the developers have added a new hydrofoil vehicle, which allows players to move both on land and on water.

– Coupe RB will now appear on more maps and much more often.

– The so-called workshop will also appear in the game, in which you can create unique skins from various materials, although this will require special archiver or hunter chests. Chests can be purchased from the shop and will also require special keys that can be crafted or purchased.

Another good news for players is that from now until July 27 inclusive, special rewards will be given for each daily visit to the game.

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