The manufacturer of unusual vertical thrust motors, Cyclotech, is working with Yamato, a Japanese delivery company, to develop a unique cargo drone.

The UAV is equipped with six cylindrical engines that operate as a Voith-Schneider vane engine with cycloidal blades. The main mechanism is that the blades rotate at high speed, the inclinations are constantly changing to provide the necessary languid thrust.

Cargo drone

The project was named CCY-01. The drone has six rotating cylinders with blades – two in the front, two in the back, and two more happens, due to them at an angle of 90 degrees. Front and rear screws – one gear for moving forward, and from the part it is a backup in case of an emergency.

Those that are allowed at 90 degrees go to the horizontal side thrust – this allows the drone to compensate for the side wind when landing.

A very interesting form of CCY-01, specially designed for the transportation of the cargo module “Pod Unit for Parcel Air-Transportation” (PUPA), developed by Yamato and which is a compact cargo trolley with retractable wheels.

Cargo drone

The chrysalis is loaded (rather, retracted) into the cargo compartment of the drone between the racks using a special metal rod. Inside the compartment, the wheels are folded. The payload of the ccy-01 is 45 kg, the flight range is up to 40 km, the speed is about 130 km/h, the size of the landing area is 2.7 x 2.5 m.

Today, the CCY-01 is a concept aircraft that has a feasibility study. However, will he go into the series until unknown.

Source: Tech Cult

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