Operators demand the number of free SIM cards for users, writes Kommersant.

Vimpelcom refused to give SIM cards as a gift when buying or signing a service agreement.

We are gradually moving from “distribution” to service and sales and have already begun to more sensitively manage the shipment of SIM cards, we have begun the speed of such sales tools as “sampling” or “distribution” as part of our strategy.

Svetlana Kirsanova, Executive Vice President for Retail Business, VimpelCom

Kirsanova also added that there are not so many new subscribers now. Their number is not in the tens of millions.

These are children who grew up with their own phones, non-residents and those who switched from other subscriber operators, but these are not tens of millions of new users a year, much less.

Svetlana Kirsanova, Executive Vice President for Retail Business, VimpelCom

MegaFon follows a similar strategy. The operator continues to offer gift SIM cards, but in smaller volumes.

MTS said that “it has long abandoned the extensive connection of the subscriber base, focusing on loyalty and reducing their outflow.”

The cost of SIM-cards has increased by 2.5 times in six months. Rising food prices during the pandemic against the backdrop of a shortage of the chip around the world. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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