Not all changes are good and sometimes companies fail. What’s not particularly common is admitting the mistake and making it public, and that’s what happened in some of the news he announced. Instagram Competing against TikTok in the best possible way. We tell you what happened.

The first thing to say is that Instagram should accept some changes assuming that some changes do not suit users, i.e. listening to them. And to be honest, what we’re talking about isn’t particularly common – neither on social networks nor with hardware manufacturers. The thing is, he gave reverse With some changes that they thought would be positive, and the complaints of those who used the application, it was most likely that there was no such way.

What will no longer be on Instagram

My name was not conveyed in a text or the like, no, it was Adam Mosseri himself (Instagram’s big manager) who figured out what was going on in an interview, and at least, two of the changes that have occurred will be withdrawn slowly on the platform. These are meant to reduce the over-recommendations that currently exist, as well as view content full-screen (yes, in the purest TikTok style).

When it comes to fullscreen, the key to going back is the dissatisfaction of users who requested it. Instagram is back maximum possible So much so that the administrator himself stated that the usage data was not exactly good, which led to a regression. Yes, the fact that all videos are Reels is something that will not change and there the company stands firm.

Another of the changes, and perhaps more relevant, is to end the storm of suggestions that currently exists on Instagram. It’s true that some things have been discovered, but most are fed up with the bomber. So much so that such content is 30% of the total. to feed, on other platforms such as Facebook, which is also owned by Meta, it is 15%. For this reason, and given that the modification did not work particularly well, it would also return to more significant figures.

Smartphone with Instagram logo on screen


It’s good to test and true if it doesn’t work better

It is positive that companies try to change their products to try to improve. Some work well and others not so much. ideal don’t curl up and don’t forget to listen users (In the case we’re talking about, a few of the top creators have filed complaints and are considering leaving Instagram). And this is something that does not exist in the social network, and it is very positive that this is the case.

Of course, this decision is more than the image it reveals. positive for the platform to make thousands of changes to look like TikTok. Content matters on Instagram and those who create it, and if they feel important, things can only go one way: good.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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