At the end of July, Saudi Arabia announced plans to build perhaps the most unusual city on the planet – Line (Line).

This is one of the most responsible projects of the crown prince of the kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman. Line should become the hallmark of Saudi Arabia and the main tourist center, like the pyramids in Egypt.

The peculiarity of the line is that the city will be built in the form of a large line. Experts doubt that the project is being implemented in the form in which it is conceived. But even if not all ideas can be implemented, Line will still stand out among all the cities in the world.

The lines are covered with mirror panels to merge with nature.

The design of the line is no less interesting than its concept. Outwardly, the metropolis will look like a line height 500 meters, height 200 meters and length 170 km. It will be located in the Red Sea region, covering travel, deserts and mountains.

Cities will be covered with large glass panels that will reflect the surrounding nature. According to the creators of the project, this is necessary for the city to “merge” with the surrounding area.

The line will operate at full capacity to “prioritize the health and well-being of people over transport and infrastructure.”

Line is a project that represents a civilizational revolution that puts people first.

Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Inside there will be a lot of greenery and even artificial rivers. The height of vegetation will be not only on the ground, but also on the walls and roofs of buildings.

The city will consist of two horizontal viewpoints, which apply to 9 million people (according to some sensations, we are talking about 5 million inhabitants). Currently, 35 million people live in Saudi Arabia, and by 2030 the population has increased to 50 million people.

There will be no cars in the metropolis. at all

Another line of signs of the absence of cars. There will be no roads in the city, so the car cannot drive inside the metropolis.

It is not yet clear how the city can come without cars. And if people still have a lot of opportunities without cars, then the lung store delivers goods by train or in some other way. How the ambulance, fire and utilities services will work is not specified.

It’s obvious that most often walk or move on electric scooters. Also planned in Line is the construction of a marina and high-speed rail. 20 minutes from one end to the other.

Line, probably such that all the necessary daily facilities, such as school, kindergarten and shops, are located within a five-minute walk. A large football stadium was built in the center of the city, located at an altitude of 300 meters.

For growing vegetables and fruits in buildings, vertical farms are very important.

$1 trillion will be spent on the construction of the city

The construction line will take place in a few months. The first phase is expected to reach 2030. It will spend $ 320 billion. Half of this amount is the assembly of Saudi Arabia.

The rest of the money will be in demand in connection with the distribution and sale of Neom shares, a project to diversify the Saudi economy and get rid of its dependence on oil. Neom met Prince Mohammed. Neom’s IPO is scheduled for 2024.

After the completion of the phase, 1.5 million people will live in the Line in two horizontal skyscrapers. Morphosis Architects, who developed the project, proposes a gradual phased construction, a gradual “extended” line of 790 meters.

The preliminary assessment showed that construction may take 50 years. Architects and builders will have to solve the problem of detection, as the line will close part of the corridor for flights. In addition, the city will change the dynamics of the movement of groundwater in the desert.

According to internal documents, The Wall Street Journal reported with increased attention, the creators of the project fear that the building’s shadow cast will interfere with the penetration of light voltage. In turn, this may appear to be a health problem in humans.

Another line of distress is the curvature of the Earth. The planet bends about 20 cm for about 1600 meters, so the evenness of the city wall will not work. Builders return gaps to the top to unexpectedly “bend” the glow.

Attracting foreign investment has become a major problem, as many investors have come because of the Saudi Arabian agricultural management project and non-food items. Some didn’t even oppose Neom’s leadership.

But if Saudi Arabia sorts out all the problems and builds a city, then it will be a construction that is not probable for anything in the world.

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