Last year, experts conducted an online survey. They learned how people reacted to the news that the Scenic Rim area in Queensland was hit hard by bushfires in the summer of 2019-2020. A total of 72 people completed the survey. Their average age was 46, the youngest participant was 18, the oldest – 78 years old. Of these, approximately 71% were female and 29% male.

It turned out that 78% felt anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, frustration, and other emotions associated with grief. Some did not sleep or cried at night.

All this suggests that nature can help a person define himself. Damage done to it can undermine people’s well-being.

According to experts, environmental grief and environmental anxiety are highly rational emotions in response to a change in the world around us. In addition, the participants of the study stated that being in nature helped them cope with these difficult feelings caused by the destruction of natural resources. This is how hope for the best can be found.

Source: Ferra

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