Since Microsoft decided to change the reason for its browser Edge Its development is so important to Chromium that its market share continues to grow. Including it in Windows by default obviously helps, but the truth is that this enhancement includes some very interesting functionality. One of them is the possibility of translating complete websites.

This has been a fully integrated feature for a while now and it actually works pretty well. This is because the translation technology used online is very effective (Here we have to congratulate Redmond for doing the tool job so effectively). So you don’t need to install anything in the browser to perform this functionality in Edge simply. simple and with very few restrictions on the language in which the page in question is located. So, it beats Google’s Chrome.

Translate web pages with Microsoft Edge

We will show you a series of steps that will allow you to take advantage of the browser functionality we mentioned, and as you will see, it will not take even ten. second ensuring that everything is fully translated so that you can understand what is written in each section of the website you visit. So there are no problems with Chinese, Polish or Romanian when surfing the Internet. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Access the browser and open the website you want to visit and don’t normally understand (for this you have to check if the software is fully updated, for this use the Help option in the general menu of Edge with the three-dot icon in the upper right area).
  • The normal thing is that when accessing the address, a message appears automatically asking for confirmation to perform the translation automatically. In it you can select the target language and request that addresses in the same language be converted without you having to do anything. If you press the OK button, the job is done quickly.
Tradition in Microsoft's Edge browser

Smart Life
  • If the message does not appear, do not worry as you can perform the action manually. For this, when you enter the page in the address bar -just on the right- you will see a few icons. The middle one, represented by letters, is the one you need to press and the aforementioned information window will appear.
  • Hit the translate button and wait a few seconds for the job to complete, it won’t take longer.
  • Once this is done you are done and as you will see you can now read the content without any problems.

this productivity Microsoft Edge translator is very goodmore or better than what Google offers in its translator. This is a tool that needs to be known how to use it. Of course you will need it in some cases and luckily you will know that this improvement will be of great help to you.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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