Telegram released an update that gave premium users the ability to block voice and video messages. Now a subscription to Telegram can be given as a gift, and its owners will be able to add emoji created by themselves.

Telegram premium users will be able to block voice and video messages

Telegram posted a description of the update on its blog.

Owners of a premium subscription will be able to block voice and video messages for all Telegram users, or only for personal contacts. You can add exceptions to the list.

Telegram has the ability to add your own emoji. They can be used as captions for photos, videos, or added to messages. There are already 10 animated sets available on the emoji creation platform.

Now you can give away a subscription to Telegram, for one year, six or three months. This can be done using Telegram bots.

Earlier, Telegram founder Pavel Durov accused the company of delaying the process of launching the Telegram update, which will “revolutionize the expression of thoughts in messaging.”

In June, Durov appointed the part of paid subscribers to cover all the costs of Telegram. This will require 2.5%-3% paid subscribers from 700 million users per month. This is around 17.5-21 million users.


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