The Linktree platform released a poll this Wednesday (20): 9,500 creators It’s about the routine of this kind of work. All in all, 13% Percentage of influencers working full-time say they are extremely stressed, 39% Some of the public claim to feel some level of stress, regardless of their income.

Also, among full-time breeders, 46% earn less 1 thousand US dollars per year. The research also reveals that: %12 earns more than $50,000 a year — Approximately 3 times the annual value of the US minimum wage, i.e. $15,080.

The results also help to understand that more hours spent in production does not mean higher revenue. among breeders earning 10 thousand US dollars per year about 32% spend more ten hours a week working on content. Backwards, 52% among the winning creators 50 thousand US dollars and 100 thousand USD use less than ten hours per week to produce

Finally, while previous research by influencer marketing company Neoreach has indicated that brand partnerships are the main source of income for content creators, the Linktree report does not confirm this. According to the data, 70% creators win less than 10% Income from these deals

Source: Tec Mundo

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