This RIGHTA Brazilian network of digital arts and game development schools recently announced major changes to its business model, including: unpublished coursesunits inside shopping malls and a modular mobile playground to tour Brazil.

Having graduated more than 200 thousand students in the market in 20 years, SAGA wants to bring teaching and playing games to thousands of people. “We are expanding our horizons with new products, services and opportunities to keep pace with the constant changes in these two constantly evolving fields,” says Alessandro Bomfim, founder and CEO of SAGA.

SAGA Area: opening scheduled for May on the third floor of São Bernardo Plaza Shopping in São Bernardo do Campo/SP (SAGA/Handout)

One of the main innovations of this reformulation was SAGA SpaceA SMART teaching model with small classrooms, one gaming computer per student, and an environment designed to optimize student learning and engagement.

SAGA Space units will be launched in shopping malls and the first one is scheduled to open on the third floor of São Bernardo Plaza Shopping in São Bernardo do Campo/SP in May.

In addition to the traditional courses, SAGA Space will offer two new courses, one of which is aimed at: Interested in being someone else for professional esports players and streamers.

SAGA Area: space for students

SAGA Space: space for students (SAGA/Disclosure)

play ground

In addition to the super-equipped classrooms, SAGA Space Leisure environments such as an area with PlayStation 5 consoles and an area with racing simulators for students to have fun with their colleagues in their spare time.

There will also be a streaming space where students can put theory into practice and broadcast lives, and a SAGA Store that will sell official merchandise from the geek universe.

Another innovation is SAGA Playgroundis a modular and mobile playground that will bring dozens of attractions to players from all over Brazil, also in shopping malls. The project has just been officially launched and is operating on the ground floor of São Bernardo Plaza Shopping, which will be open every day until May 9 at the same time as the mall.

SAGA game room with PlayStation 5

SAGA games room with PlayStation 5 (SAGA/Disclosure)

The site features five environments and more than 30 game stations equipped with cutting-edge computers, consoles and peripherals, as well as competitive games (eSports), AAA editions, championships, virtual reality (VR) experiences, and car and mountain. simulators. Russian.

SAGA Game Park ticket prices range from R$20.00 (half price) for one person to R$300 (half price) for groups of five and can be purchased at the local box office.


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