Electric scooter rental service Yurent has started testing a new model of scooters equipped with a camera and computer vision technology, a company representative told RB.RU.

The scooter has a built-in autonomous movement function, it is able to recognize obstacles by itself to avoid collisions.

Service “Yurent” launched scooters with autopilot

The device is equipped with a semi-automatic autopilot mode: it can be remotely controlled to move the scooter to the desired location, such as a parking lot or a service point.

The wide-angle camera and artificial intelligence enable the scooter to recognize various obstacles (people or vehicles), road markings, and respond independently to prevent an emergency. During travel, the scooter slows down in the face of obstacles in the way or when going off the road.

Yurent is one of the largest electric ridesharing operators in Russia. Service scooters are available in more than 100 cities of the Russian Federation, the fleet includes more than 80 thousand units of equipment. Since its launch, more than 10 million people have used the service, making more than 30 million trips.


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Source: RB

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