The Profi market has bought 94% of the TutGood platform, which allows you to subscribe to classes with tutors at a fixed price. This was reported to RB.RU by a representative of Profi.

A month earlier, the market announced investments in a startup.

Marketplace “Profi” bought the educational startup TutGood from the son of Anastasia Tatulova

Under the terms of the agreement, Profi will receive 94% of TutGood and will buy all of the shares from the financial investors. The company’s founders, Ivan Kolankov, Konstantin Klimentiev and Artem Tatulov, will continue to develop the service and will each keep 2% in the company.

The amount of the transaction is not disclosed. Sergey Toporov, partner of the Leta Capital venture fund, previously estimated the value of the entire company at 300-500 million rubles for RB.RU.

“For Profi, this agreement reinforces its strategic position as a leader in the services segment. It also allows to implement the accumulated experience of the tutor vertical in a new business model”, said Andrey Novikov, representative of Profi.

TutGood considers that the agreement with Profi is “a new stage in the development of the company”. “We are acquiring the experience and resources to grow rapidly in the competitive EdTech market. Our association is a win-win for both companies and everyone involved in them: employees, investors, founders. At the same time, TutGood itself retains full autonomy in operational activities,” the startup’s press service said.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, prior to the deal, Tatulov, Kolankov and Klimentyev each owned 22.04% of Tutgud LLC. Former VTB Life Insurance CEO Maxim Pushkarev owned 10.34%, Anastasia Tatulova, the founder of the Anderson coffee shop chain, 4.67%, and Getcourse co-founder Matvey Kalachev owned 4, 52%. Another 3% belonged to Evotech and Appstarter co-owner Alexander Vasiliev. Management Technologies LLC owned 1.35% of the legal entity.

TutGood allows you to make a single subscription to classes with tutors. The company was launched at the end of 2020 by Artem Tatulov, the son of the founder of the Anderson coffee chain, former public defender of small and medium-sized businesses Anastasia Tatulova, along with partners Ivan Kolankov and Konstantin Klimentyev.

In July, “Profi” invested in TutGood and received 10% of the company from his “daughter” “Tutorion”.


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Source: RB

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