Application Apple Maps It got better with time, and totally crazy routes are a thing of the past when directions took you places you didn’t want to go. It was known that the Cupertino company was considering doing something important to differentiate itself from Google Maps. We tell you what happened.

The truth is that more and more people are using their iPhone Use Apple Maps more, and this is something they know with a bitten apple accompaniment. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the final reports are made, which is desirable. take advantage of it, to get an added benefit that many may not like. And the truth is, he would be absolutely right.

What awaits Apple Maps?

Information comes directly Mark GurmannOne of the biggest experts on Apple issues in existence today, and now a newly published report on the innovations the form has in its portfolio, led by Tim Cook, has one on the Apple app. maps (especially mobile clients).

Using Apple Maps in the field


what seems to be coming The year 2023 is advertising to the application, it must be said everything, especially in the search option that least disturbs the user. Even the internal test version was already deployed between different people in Cupertino to control the process and everything seems to fit what was sought. Therefore, Apple Maps will be the second app to receive ads after the App Store. Obviously, this will differentiate this development from Google’s… but not exactly for the better.

How do ads work?

More or less the same as in the Apple app store: company will prioritize some results Depending on the investment, always leaving a reliable and convenient service for users. For example, some restaurants or shops might try see earlier in searches to be the choice of those who visit the region where the said facility is located. The idea doesn’t seem particularly intrusive, really, but it remains to be seen if that somewhat distorts what’s achieved when reviewing what the app we’re talking about suggests.

We’ll have to see if this is confirmed in 2023, but it will have a way for Apple to increase its profits with an app that isn’t one of the best in this segment of all apps the Cupertino company has to date. It also makes sense considering what the company is looking for. achieve an income for ads that reach ten billion dollars a year. Yes, you read it right.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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