The long-awaited release of the main game of this summer – Saints Row.

The developers from Volition immediately said that this is a rethinking of the entire series. What is now like the development of the industry and the further expansion of the “Saints”.

Already with the first trailer, there were big doubts about the discussion of the course. They went into more realism and abandoned the crazy ideas implemented in Saints Row. So it happened then, so it happened in the end.

Why are you so serious?

The game has abandoned the incredible level of stupidity for which millions of gamers fell in love. And for that alone, she deserves to be blamed. The degree of delirium registers almost to zero, as in the first game,
which suppresses probably on GTA.

In each part of the series, the degree of absurdity constantly increased, and this added eye-catching.

Saints Row 2 featured a villain with voodoo powers. Saints Row: The Third was bestowed by cyberpunk factions and zombies, and Saints Row 4 switched to an alien invasion altogether, while its spin-off Gat Out of Hell had Satan as the final boss.

Now the action of the game has been moved to the fictional city of Santo Ileso in Mexico. The plot revolves around a new gang of Saints with a variety of protagonists. There are 4 gangs in the game:

• Saints: in fact, we play for them

• Marshall: a private military corporation that previously worked as the main character (hence his high combat skills)

• Idols: Anarchist fanatics who oppose the proletariat, but the facts run out all the way

• Los Panteros: local faction that “roofs” most of the province.

Each of them has its own features, features and features of the side.

Los Panteros issues of muscle cars, motorcycles and monster trucks, they are more about making decisions with rough love. And through cars they realize themselves, constantly tuning them.

Part of the criminal activity spreads behind them: robberies, racketeering, drug trafficking, people and so on. The head of the gang is Sergio Velez.

idols – “small fry” who love eternal parties, robbery, vandalism, petty robberies, arson, explosions, and so on. And they are also very dependent on social networks, in which their deeds are located even right at the time of fear.

They receive a serious threat from the composition of the population, which is constantly growing thanks to the Internet.

They are led by a committeeapprox. Community in the Russian area) are 6 chapters with digital mask statuses that completely renounced the significance of life, including getting a name.

Marshall are technological advances. They use the most advanced application and do not seek to actively use it in combat. They have connections around the world, as well as contracts with other defense agencies and restrictions from different countries.

As expected, they are engaged in private security activities: they serve and protect banks, casinos, shopping centers and so on. True, they are not always responsible for services on a voluntary basis. Since this is primarily marketing, we also had to raise our strength to a high level.

The parent company is Atticus Marshall.

Each chapter is separate and official, though a little too caricatured (this wouldn’t be a problem if Will didn’t get serious). But this is not such a big problem.

The main problem of the new Saints Row is the open world. He soulless and emptyin Germany, of course, there are many activities, but there is actually nothing to look for.

On this map you can take a place to stay

Here you can choose from bounty hunts, construction of enterprises, various mini-games and much more.

Of the “passive” active, the most interesting are only LARP – this is role-playing in the “real” world. The bottom line is that you are given a safe weapon, and you seize territory by “killing” representatives of other factions, sometimes with them in common to find a compromise. A good reference to Fallout (there are even currency caps).

However, in general, all actions in compliance with the requirements of “give-bring” or something (or someone) are destroyed. There are other small tasks, like a shooting gallery or collecting objects for your own base. The latter was beaten quite simply: “How does it work? You take a picture of something with your smartphone and it will appear on the base. How it works – do not ask, it works simply.

At the same time, in reality, practically nothing happens in the world. That is, absolutely nothing.

Even accidental accidents with subsequent dismantling are not present. Yes, random events happen in Saints Row, but they are static and highlighted, fortunately. The same accident where NPCs just stand and gesticulate with their hands – nothing more.

Customization is excellent as always, the gameplay is peppy (in some places)

In missions, fans diversify the gameplay, but it often turns out the same type. They come and go from place to place where you need to capture a train, rob points in the style of “Fast and the Furious” with cargo attached to a car, jumping with ski jumps away from the sights. However, this turns out to be disastrously small.

Mostly combat missions duplicate third-party actions and are engaged in cleaning up bases or destroying something.

What I really liked was the overhauled auto physics. Yes, it is still not very realistic, as it should be in modern AAA games, but it is a cut above than in all the rare parts of Saints Row used together.

Each machine differs from each other in terms of the concept of various pathogens, the weight of the means is felt, their diversity is truly wide. Also like what came rear ram external car, as it was, for example, in Wheelman. It looks unnatural, but acceptable within the framework of the usual gameplay.

In chases, it is often required, because they can be protracted, otherwise you drop at least part of the “tail”.

Shooting seems to be worse than before. And again, what is different is what you expect from the game, and what you get at the output.


Firstly, significant stock. The choice of large weapons, but some unique ones, like the dubstep gun from Saints Row 3, is not visible here, as well as the usual faloimitator – almost a sign of the series.

Secondly, she shooting. Particularly annoying is the inability to fully detect auto-aim on PC. Even today’s fix didn’t fix it. Reloading works clumsily, does not always work the first time. The weight of the guns and their uniqueness almost never met.

With wheelbarrows full order. They can change any visual part: from the exhaust pipe and roof to the engine and wheel arches. Tires can also be adjusted to adjust the handling of the car.

With the customization of the character (and members of the gang of Saints), everything is also fine. Can dress him up the way you want, even change panties or add a tattoo. At the start, there are a number of already open clothes, and the rest is bought in clothing stores, in each of your choices.

The base can also be changed for yourself, but for the most part its customization is exactly in the presence of collectible items. Transportation, including water and air, is also found in the territory of the Saints.

But as for the variety of gameplay, everything here rests on one thing. it would be revealed that you have a number of optional tasks, but at a given moment they are tantamount to getting down to business in order to move further along the plot.

This is very annoying. It’s like playing a free project, only without a donation.

Briefly about graphics and errors

To be honest, in 25 hours of playing I did not notice serious bugswhich are trumpeted from all cracks. Yes, there were T-poses, sometimes the cars got stuck in the texture, but nothing that would interfere with a comfortable game.

Once there was only a bug when one of the comrades-in-arms depended on one place and did not allow further progress in the story. However, after 10 seconds, he automatically teleported to the right place. In general, when people get stuck in a texture, this always happens.

As for the graphics, they seem to be stuck somewhere in 2017 when GTA V was re-released for the PlayStation 4 Pro. She does not look bad, but just normal, although rather weak for a 2022 project. A level higher than indie projects.

I’m very disappointed in the animations.. Although most of the time is hard on cinematic scenes. And that’s when they catch the eye even more.

As a result, we got a pass

Saints Row (2022) is a completely optional game. Yes, it is full of the usual “chips”, but they fade against the background of the abundance of an empty open world, which in fact cannot offer normal gaming activities.

The plot itself is normal, but they need to be imbued with it (although it is banally stupid) in order to move on with interest. The main characters don’t care at all, but some plot twists don’t. Well, the atmosphere of madness loved by millions – I can only say goodbye to her.

The new Saints Row is playable and sure to find a buyer. But I don’t think most people would appreciate such a stingy project. You can only pick up on bezrybe. In addition, the game costs only 1299 rubles in Epic Games.

Source: Iphones RU

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