Telegram will return to public use many usernames reserved by cyber squatters. The most valuable short names are likely to be auctioned, said Pavel Durov.

Telegram will release usernames reserved by cyber squatters

Telegram founder Pavel Durov drew attention to the many usernames he claimed were reserved on inactive channels by cybersquatters from Iran.

“This created a graveyard of dead usernames that cluttered search results and made it difficult for millions of Telegram users to choose suitable public addresses for their accounts, groups, and channels,” Durov wrote.

Telegram in August removed public addresses associated with empty or inactive channels over the past year. 99% of published names will return to public use, Durov specified, and algorithmic and geolocation restrictions will be introduced on their choice.

“As for the most valuable short usernames, the most efficient and fair way to distribute them seems to be through an auction,” the Telegram founder added.

Durov discussed auctions for the sale of domain names and addresses earlier. The founder of Telegram admired the success of the TON auction, as a result of which the domain names Wallet.ton and casino.ton were sold for the equivalent of $260,000 and $244,000 worth of tokens, respectively.


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