one solar eclipse in Anthem Recorded by NASA’s Perseverance rover. The capture was made on April 2 by the Mastcam-Z camera on the explorer spacecraft responsible for recording the moment when Phobos, the larger of the Red Planet’s two moons, passed in front of the Sun.

The partial eclipse lasted just over 40 seconds, much shorter than the time witnessed on Earth by the movement of its natural satellite. Watch the video:

“You can see the details of Phobos and the shape of the sunspots. We can see this eclipse exactly as the rover sees it from Mars,” astronomer Mark Lemmon said in a statement released by NASA.

The observation of the astronomical event has been classified by the space agency as the most magnified and highest resolution ever made on the Martian surface. Additionally, it could help scientists better understand how the force of gravity and the moon’s orbit can affect the shaping of the Red Planet’s crust and mantle.

Therefore, the record of the phenomenon provides an opportunity for further studies of Phobos. This is because the Moon is doomed as it slowly approaches the surface of Mars – the collision is predicted to occur in tens of millions of years.

Source: Tec Mundo

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