demonstrated stability. What’s up? When it comes to launching innovations, some of them are notable, if not particularly important. The fact is that the usual daily advances were introduced in the trial version of the application, as it could not be otherwise. And this time there are quite interesting options.

One of the improvements is about the power that group admins have, with this speed WhatsApp will make them very powerful. As confirmed, they can now use a new option that will allow them. delete conversations not conforming to what is expected of a group (because of theme or language). That way, if they read something that doesn’t suit them, they can delete it for everyone. So boldly.

Frankly, this makes sense, because managers are managers for a reason, but the truth is, It is not necessary to inform or ask permission from the user who wrote the message to have it completely deleted from the chat history (and if we add to that they can deport anyone they want or veto someone’s entry, it’s clear that the check will go away). When it comes to protecting the health of a group, we’ll see if more than one person takes a dictatorial blow.

New news coming to WhatsApp

The latest test version of the messaging app for Android has included some additional new features that a select few can try out, along with the ones mentioned that are of great importance in groups. One of them is new way to view statuses now available to a select few. With this, as seen before, you can see a circle in the chat list that indicates news on that user. It’s a pretty effective way of communicating this, and it eliminates a tab that will definitely be used on WhatsApp in the future.

What's new in WhatsApp for administrators and states


Meanwhile, unsure if that possibility exists, the company has an innovation that it has included with common sense: the new way to see what’s new in the states, at least for now. can be disabled to return to the previous one. For tastes, colors, of course.

It’s in testing, so we’ll have to wait.

Everything we discussed before can be viewed here: trial version for android The app exists. For iOS, it has not yet been determined that these new functions will be available to states and governors. To find out if you are one of the chosen ones who can use everything, all you have to do is use the application and check if everything is available. The rest of WhatsApp users, to wait the company has decided that everything is going as it should and therefore the relevant changes are included in the stable release.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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