soon starlinkSpaceX’s satellite internet service will also be available on board aircraft from some companies. In 2021, Elon Musk had also promised the arrival of the service on board large vehicles: not only airplanes, but also ships and trucks. Now the business is moving from words to deeds.

SpaceX is one step away from closing a deal with Delta Airlines, one of the most important and largest American airlines. The idea is simple: Aircraft covering the company’s longest routes will be equipped with a satellite receiver optimized for use on the move. Customers on board the aircraft can connect to Wi-Fi by paying a flat rate and receive a strong connection in return.

SpaceX is currently conducting initial tests to understand how the service can be refined. Neither one at the moment SpaceXneither Delta they wanted to go into the details of the negotiations. We do not know the potential economic value of the partnership, nor a possible timing for the service to become operational – assuming the agreement gets the approval of both parties.

The technology is already there, but it may take some time to develop for use in commercial aircraft. The requirements are many and complex: the Wi-Fi network must serve hundreds of simultaneously connected passengers and maintain high performance regardless of cruising speed and weather conditions (achilles heel of satellite connections).

The deal will also require the approval of the FCC and the FAA, the US telecommunications and civil aviation regulators, respectively.

Source: Lega Nerd

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