Last Thursday (1st), Yandex Taxi app from Russia had a problem Cyber ​​invasion causing a huge traffic jam on one of the main streets of Moscow city. The Anonymous group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Moscow is already one of the cities with the most traffic congestion in the world, after only Istanbul, Turkey. In the attack, which was previously confirmed by Yandex, several drivers received a driving request in the same area.

In a note to the Russian government agency TASSTaxi confirmed that it had discovered the attackers’ attempt to disrupt the service, and stated that “several dozen drivers had received bulk orders.” According to the company, the Fili area was affected and the congestion would last about 40 minutes.

Also, according to the company’s note, “the algorithm to detect and prevent such attacks has already been developed to prevent similar incidents in the future.” However, Yandex has not yet confirmed who is behind the attack.

Earlier this year, the Anonymous group declared “cyber warfare” against the Russian government. The group claimed responsibility for attacks on government websites as well as intrusions on local channels.

Source: Tec Mundo

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