In recent days, several users on social media have reported that they received messages from a promotion promising to deliver a minibar full of Heineken beers. this The action was taken by WhatsApp and it’s a scam.

On modus operandi, scammers send messages inviting the person to participate in the alleged promotion. The message contained a link with a form that must be filled out completely to guarantee participation.

To give a sense of urgency, there was a phrase on the form that the offer was only valid for 500 seconds (approximately 8 minutes), because anyone who spent that time would miss out on the opportunity. Check out the case reports below.

The scam is called “Promotion Heineken Oktoberfest 2022”. “Take the test, find the reward [sic] hide and win a Mini Fridge full of Heineken Beer. A screenshot is shown saying “247 rewards left”.

Since the fake promotion requires sensitive data, the person who signed the form put personal data at risk. And since many people didn’t know what it was about, they decided to share the shortened link with other people.

This type of cyber fraud is called phishing. Using fake platforms and seemingly real websites, scammers can trick victims into providing information such as credit card information, CPF, and more.

Heineken denies

With the proliferation of conversations about his alleged promotion, Heineken declared himself in the lawsuit. In addition to responding to social media users who tagged and blamed the brand, the company released a statement regarding the situation.

“We have received complaints about fake websites and promotions announcing promotions and gifts on behalf of Heineken Brasil and Grupo Heineken. We clarify that the Brand and the Group do not conduct such promotions through WhatsApp and do not actively communicate with consumers.

The alcoholic beverage company also emphasizes that people should not share personal data without verifying the source and knowing that they are talking through official communication channels of brands.

Source: Tec Mundo

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