1More has announced the luxury Evo earplugs. active noise canceling and Sony’s ldac encoding for Bluetooth. The manufacturer has not yet announced whether the headset will also come to the Benelux, and if so at what price. In the USA, the headphones are sold for 160 Euros excluding VAT.

That’s why Evo headphones are equipped with anc, which, according to the manufacturer, can block external noise up to 42 dB. Two other modes are also available to allow partial or amplified sound from the earbuds. Remarkably, 1More doesn’t report anything about a possible IP rating. In addition, the headphones use Sony codec ldac, which will make the Bluetooth connection more consistent and accurate.

According to 1More, the Evos can last for eight hours on a single battery charge (possibly without anc, ldac, or any other sound mode activated). The earphones, including the charging case, have a maximum lifespan of 28 hours. Speaking of which, 1More claims that the earphones can last up to four hours after being stored in the charging case for 15 minutes. That’s more than many competitors.

Source: 1More (via TechPowerUp)

Source: Hardware Info

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