Among the many innovations it has worked with What’s up? In order to give users more options and not distract from its competitors (like Telegram), something was discovered about something very interesting and very regularly done in the messaging app: send picture. We tell you what happened.

In particular, we are talking about those that are made with purpose. don’t lose quality compared to the original. This is achieved by sending the image as if it were a file, rather than selecting a specific option for multimedia content (where compression is not always positive). And the truth is additions The ones seen at the source of the information are the most interesting because they are very tools.

Two improvements WhatsApp is working on

The first is that after selecting the image, you go to a new screen where you can do different things (as with other file types and never with this type of content until now). An example is a new subdomain recipient name button. Besides being informative, this allows you to change or add others by simply pressing them if you wish. Undoubtedly, this was a necessary thing, because there was no way to regret what was chosen earlier.

Sending new images on WhatsApp without quality loss


In addition, it will offer the possibility of WhatsApp Type some text to accompany the image file. This was vital to be able to explain the reason for the shipment or add important information for the recipient. So the equal here is what can be done with the attached multimedia contents. Another good decision, especially now that large files can be sent in the messaging app (up to 2GB). And this has caused many people to routinely use lossless delivery when sending an image.

An arrival that might take…but not long

Because this information was taken from a site trial version The new option of WhatsApp that we are talking about is not yet available to everyone. What’s more, it’s not fully functional in any of the beta versions of the app we’re talking about. In any case, considering that we are talking about minor changes -as it is not functional-, it is certain that; before the end of this year Take advantage of the innovations identified.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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