SpaceX demonstrated the capabilities of the Starlink satellite Internet at an altitude of 9 km. The company tested the Internet on the plane of regional airline JSX. During the flight, the data transfer rate was at least 100 Mbps.

SpaceX tests Starlink Internet on passenger plane

According to Bloomberg, a short flight was made between the Californian cities of Burbank and San José. During it, there were several people on board who tested the quality of communication and the speed of the Internet.

Additional devices on board simulated a system load of 20 to 30 passengers.

“I’m excited,” said JSX CEO Alex Wilcox. During the flight, he surfed the web and made WhatsApp calls. “Exceeded all my expectations.”

Ookla’s internet speed test system showed data transfer rates consistently above 100 Mbps throughout the flight.

Jeff Sahr, president of commercial aviation for Intelsat, the airline’s main Internet operator, admits that Starlink “is a serious competitor” but “doesn’t think anyone can beat them.”

So far, however, testing has shown that Starlink can push Intelsat and Viasat into the market for aircraft satellite internet. The data transfer rate on an American Airlines Airbus with Viasat equipment and more than 100 passengers on board, by comparison, is about 2.2 Mbps.

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