This morning, as usual, I took off my iPhone 13 Pro Max with payment and delivery to work. However, in the subway, it was discovered that the smartphone was catastrophically discharged, although out of habit I put it to “feed” since the evening.

The first thought was – well, that’s it, the charging is broken. Or a cable. Arriving at work, the first thing I did was connect my device to the office charger and…

And nothing happened. The iPhone simply refused to charge and I already began to figure out how much it could cost to repair the Lightning port and how I managed to break it.

And then I remembered that never once in my entire life with an iPhone 13 Pro Max have I cleaned its charging port..

Immediate cleaning of the charging portfolio. There is always dirt

I pulled out such a lump of dirt from my iPhone 8 a few years ago.

I am sure that all of you, like me, put your iPhone in your pocket. And there are sure to be lint and dust particles. Lightning-port is in no way protected from the effects of this dirt, so over time it really accumulates inside “garbage bunny“.

It blocks and blocks the charging of the smartphone because the cable does not enter the port all the way or does not connect to the contacts. So you can stay without a working gadget.

What needs to be done right now: take a wooden toothpick, and carefully remove the felt lump lurking there from the Lightning port.

In no case do not use metal needles – you can export or even close the contacts. Also, do not purge the port after cleaning with your mouth, because saliva particles will enter.

Don’t put off this simple find. You will be surprised what kind of dirt ball you can get out of your iPhone.

Here is mine for example:

I pulled out such a lump of dirt from my iPhone 13 Pro Max today.

It was this “stuffing” that broke the charging of the smartphone and almost left me without communication at the workplace. It seems that my connector was almost half clogged with dust.

And after processing, you can again forget about this procedure for six months or a year. Until such reminders on the page.

Source: Iphones RU

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