The Cupertino developers have previewed several handy backup data offerings for smartphones and tablets. They can work both manually and automatically.

However, if the user will be away from the computer for a long time or without a network connection, the backup will not be created or expected. Before a business trip, vacation or long trip, it is recommended to save in advance all the most important things for your smartphone.

1. How to backup iPhone on computer

▶ show iPhone to computer using cable.

If you have already connected and activated Show this iPhone if connected to Wi-Fi (in Finder or iTunes), just connect your smartphone and computer to the same network to connect.

▶ Download to your computer Seeker (in macOS Catalina and newer) or iTunes (if you have an increased version of the incidence of Apple or on a Windows PC).

▶ iPhone Appearance in side menu and switch to tab Main.

▶ Select an option Back up all data from iPhone to this Mac and check the box Encrypt local version. If saved passwords and confidential data are not added to the backup.

▶ Press Create a backup and wait for the process to finish.

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Please note that there is enough free space on the computer to create a backup. The size of the return will be approximately equal to the size of the occupied space on the iPhone’s drive.

you can find it on your smartphone along the way Settings – General – iPhone Storageand on a Mac in the menu  – About This Mac – Storage. If there is not enough space on the computer, first free up the amount you need.

2. How to backup iPhone to iCloud

To back up your iPhone to the cloud, you need enough free space. You must have some paid increased volume of consumption connected, in which case the excess volume may decrease and part of the data may increase from it.

To the point: How to Reduce iPhone Backup to iCloud

◈ Place your iPhone within range of an available Wi-Fi network and connect to a power source.

◈ On your smartphone, joy along the way Settings – Apple ID Account – iCloud.

◈ Open section iCloud backup and activate the toggle switch. If the option has already been enabled before, you can install the installation Create a backupto update the backup.

◈ Wait until the end of the process: either a connection to the smartphone on charge for the night, or, if necessary, will be created automatically.

3. How to back up updated photos and videos from iPhone

If you don’t want to purchase a paid iCloud subscription to store a full iPhone backup in the cloud, the easiest way is to protect yourself from backing up photos and videos.

They can save to another available cloud service.

◉ Install a cloud service client if you want to save a backup of the gallery, for example, Yandex.Disk or Cloud

◉ Log in to the selected service.

◉ Activate the process of uploading photos and videos.

◉ Wait until the end of the process.

So you can save the entire smartphone gallery in the selected cloud service and reduce the amount of iCloud backup.

4. How to keep deleted apps from App Store from iPhone

the presence of Cupertians However, with the help of external software, you can save important data for recovery.

▣ Install utility iMazing from the developer’s site (available for macOS and Window). The application is paid, but a limited demo version is enough for our tasks.

▣ Indication of a smartphone to a computer using a cable, give the necessary resolution to the iPhone and download iMazing.

▣ Select utilities in the side menu of your smartphone and click on the icon Applications.

▣ The desired application will appear in the list, select it and press the button Copy to Mac.

note that for this implementation it is necessary to create a fully restored device on the computer.

After that, the desired program or game will be removed from the backup, save it in a safe place. In the future, you must restore the application on your smartphone according to our instructions.

We recommend using these methods of banking client applications and other utilities that have been removed from the App Store.

For all indicators of reliable security create at least a couple of copies of the data and store them in different places. This way you can store all the necessary files, settings and applications in iCloud and connect using this mechanism, which will be stored on a computer, NAS server or other serial drive.

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